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Fall: Reset and Refresh Your Home

Aug 29, 2023

Fall: Reset and Refresh Your Home

The Hampton Roads, Virginia, area is lucky enough to experience all four seasons, but by far, the fan favorite is Fall. Besides the beautiful scenery we get to witness in the changing leaves, it’s also the time of treasured holidays and a more family-centered focus. These reasons, among others, are what makes Fall the perfect time to reset and refresh your home just in time for all the season’s experiences ahead.

At Lavender Maid, we’re experts at servicing your home to not just make it cleaner and more inviting, but a comfortable and cozy space of solitude for you, your family and any guests who visit to enjoy. Follow these three tips below to make sure your home is prepared and ready for all the fun this Fall.

1. Dive into a deep clean

Oftentimes, we feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of cleaning needs within our homes. Because of this, we tend to focus on the “surface” areas, or spaces that are most visible at first glance – think countertops, floors, etc. But lurking underneath our furniture and appliances, and hiding behind closet doors, tends to be areas in serious need of a deep cleaning.

Lavender Maid knows just how to focus in on these problem areas so that your home is truly the cleanest it can be, from floor to ceiling.

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2. Declutter and Reorganize

We often remember at springtime to focus on “spring cleaning,” and tend to view Fall and Winter as a sort of hibernation inside our homes. But Fall is in reality the perfect time to declutter and reorganize our homes.

Because the season presents so many opportunities for us to stay within our homes, we want to make sure it’s set up to be the cleanest and coziest it can be. Nobody wants to spend time within their home is they’re stressed about the mess inside!

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3. Break out the Seasonal Storage

We oftentimes have storage associated with each season – and Fall is no different. With Thanksgiving and Halloween, we have plenty of decorations and décor inside our homes stowed away during the warmer months. Allow Lavender Maid to help you unpack the storage and organize the excess so you’re prepared to transition the décor with ease when the warmer months return.

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If you’re eager to embark on Fall in the Hampton Roads with a home refresh, we at Lavender Maid are ready for the job! Our attention to detail, unmatched care for our clients, and unique expertise make us the perfect solution to your home cleaning stresses. Reach out to us and learn more about the countless cleaning services we can offer by calling us at (757) 304-6209. Too busy to call? Send us a text at (757) 324-1881!