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Back to School: Start the Year with a Clean Slate

Jul 25, 2023

Back to School: Start the Year with a Clean Slate

It’s already that time of year, once again. Summer has sped past us at what feels like lightning speed and we’re now finding ourselves preparing for our children’s new school year ahead. With all of the overwhelming responsibilities that this time of year typically brings to parents, treating yourself to a professional home cleaner is one great way to start the year off with.

Below are 3 reasons you should hire Lavender Maid for your back-to-school cleaning in your Hampton Roads home.

1. We get it

With little ones ourselves, we understand just how stressful it can be when your home’s cleaning to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Your home is the by far the most important space for your family, and it should be a place that brings you joy instead of stress.

Because we are family-owned, we take pride in not just our quality cleaning services, but in the care and consideration we show our clients. We treat all clients as if they were our family, and their homes as if they were our own. The level of skill and expertise we provide wouldn’t mean a thing if our clients weren’t satisfied or didn’t find our services helpful or meaningful in their everyday lives. Become part of the Lavender Maid family, and allow us to clean your home so it remains a safe haven of relaxation and happiness for you and your loved ones!

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2. Free up your free time

Every parent understands that the school year brings with it a busier schedule all-around. From after-school sports, to extracurriculars, to your own involvement as a parent on the PTA or in sports-game attendance – there’s a never-ending list of things to do each and every day of the week.

It’s understandable how taking care of the home might start feeling impossible when you’re hardly ever in it because of all of these demands! The last thing you want to do once you finally are able to settle down in your home and relax is to look around at tons of clutter. Lavender Maid can clean your home regularly on a schedule that works best for you, allowing your free time at home to truly be open for you to use however you’d like.

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3. It takes a village

The old saying couldn’t be truer – it takes a village to raise a family. We’d like for you to think of us at Lavender Maid as part of your village. By hiring us to clean your home, you can focus your time and energy totally on your family and children, instead of being bogged down by cleaning tasks within your home.

Raising children is one of the most challenging, but also most rewarding roles that we could ever have. It’s important to protect your mental and emotional health in the journey, and to surround yourself with a network of support to avoid burnout. Lavender Maid is here to support you!

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Start the new school year off with a clean slate and with as little stress as possible. Call us at Lavender Maid today at 757-304-6209, or send us a quick text to learn more about our available cleaning services at 757-324-1881. We’re here to help ensure this is your best school year yet!

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