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Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips for a Home Refresh

Apr 5, 2023

Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips for a Home Refresh.

It’s our favorite season and time of the year – spring cleaning! As the Hampton Roads begins to heat up and leave winter weather behind us, this is often the perfect time to store away bulky clothing and other winter home items, while bringing out everything that reminds us of soon-to-be summer.

The list of home cleaning tasks during this season can seem overwhelming, but we at Lavender Maid are here to make your spring cleaning simple and effortless. Hire us today so we can tackle these 4 areas in your home to give it an instant refresh in time for spring!

1. Cluttered Closets and Cabinets

As you open up your closets and often-forgotten cabinets to put away your bulkier winter items, you’ll likely discover that these storage spaces are more cluttered than you remember. That’s where Lavender Maid comes in to shine! Allow us to help clean out and organize these spaces for you so they can continue to be efficient and helpful spaces instead of a stressful task to tackle, looming in the back of your mind all spring.

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2. Dusty Fans and Lighting

Because of the colder winter months, our ceiling fans tend to go unused as we focus solely on warming up our homes. This can lead to a lot of hidden, dusty spaces that are unintentionally overlooked. But don’t fret, we’re experts at identifying these spaces in your home.

Don’t stress yourself over the hard-to-reach overhead lighting or the multiple dust-covered ceiling fans adorning your home. Instead, allow us to take this task off your plate! You’ll be able to use these items at the first sign of spring without the worry of dust settling throughout your home after, and you can focus your energy and time on other important home tasks.

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3. Dingy Baseboards 

The winter season also brings with it rain, snow, and all the outdoor elements, which find their way into your home quicky via your shoes or your pets! Because of this, baseboards tend to become covered in dirt, dust and other grime, and the task of properly cleaning these throughout your entire home is enough to send anyone into a panic. Lavender Maid enjoys the challenge and we will happily attack this pain point, allowing you to enter into spring with a truly stress-free home.

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4. Wide-Open Windows

It’s time to finally open those large windows and let in the cool breeze and warm spring sunshine! Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake all enjoy one of the loveliest spring seasons in Virginia. Surrounded by the ocean and other amazing aspects of nature, it’s a no-brainer to open your windows and let in the fresh air. What you might discover, though, is your windows have remnants of the winter season inside them. 

Don’t spend your time individually cleaning them out, overwhelming yourself with such a task. By hiring us to do the job, we’ll make sure you can open a window without a second thought.

Contact Lavender Maid today to learn more about all the ways we can help create a stress-free, clean, and beautiful home for you to enjoy to the fullest this spring season. Contact us today >