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Decluttering & Organizing – The Perfect Addition to Your Hampton Roads Cleaning Service

Oct 7, 2022

Decluttering & Organizing – The Perfect Addition To Your Lavender Maid Cleaning Service!

When it comes to keeping a truly clean home, there is more to the process than first meets the eye. Taking a more detailed look at our living spaces, it’s not uncommon to find “junk drawers,” packed-to-the-brim closets, mail piles on the kitchen counter or garage clutter we affectionately refer to as “storage space.” Although these areas usually lend themselves to being very easily hidden from guests, the weight of knowing they exist (and continue to grow!) can allow for unnecessary stress.

Lavender Maid understands this better than anybody, and that’s why we carefully curated a service designed specifically for decluttering and organizing your Norfolk, Virginia home. Below are three areas our decluttering and organizing service at Lavender Maid can have the biggest impact – not just in appearance, but in your comfort and contentment with your home!

1. Cluttered Closets

How many times have you thrown miscellaneous, bulky or disorganized items behind a closet door, safely tucking the chaos away from peering eyes? We’re all guilty of it!

But just because the mess isn’t readily seen, doesn’t mean the stress it brings disappears too. We find that when this disorganization goes ignored, your contentment and ability to relax within your home tends to suffer.

Let us at Lavender Maid create an organized and purposeful closet space that not only keeps you from having to avoid opening the closet door ever again, but also provides your family with a functioning space that is easy to maintain moving forward.

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2. Catch-All Kitchen Counters 

Because it’s the heart of the home, it’s no surprise that kitchen counters and islands tend to become a catch-all space for mail, car keys, arts and crafts projects your children bring home from school, and so much more!

Don’t hide those beautiful kitchen counters under a pile of clutter. Instead, allow Lavender Maid to tackle the space so that it not only looks visually more appealing, but prepares the space for your family’s needs in a bustling kitchen.

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3. Children’s Play Rooms 

One of the most creative and fun spaces in a home is a children’s play room. Filled with bright and colorful toys, it’s a space filled with joy and laughter, and likely some of your family’s most special memories.

Whether it’s where your children took their first steps, or it’s where your family experiences the excitement of exploring gifts on Christmas morning, a play room is one of the most lived in spaces in a home.

But, with that vibrant activity also comes a lot of clutter. It becomes easy to ignore that space when the task of tidying it up every night becomes a source of dread. Don’t let this special area be tainted by the stress of keeping it clean! Lavender Maid can provide an organized, practical space for your family, so all you have to do is focus on the special memories that space continues to bring into your home.

A clean home goes beyond gleaming kitchen counters, freshly mopped floors and streak-free mirrors. Maintaining functional, organized and decluttered spaces are just as vital!

Lavender Maid can meet this need head-on, providing you and your family with a home you can truly enjoy. The level of detail and care that we take with each service goes unmatched by our competitors in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area. Contact us today to learn more about our additional cleaning services by calling us at 757-239-6852. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram!

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