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5 Spring Cleaning Home Ideas for 2024

Feb 20, 2024

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Norfolk, VA Home

If you haven’t heard already, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow – which means Spring is just around the corner here in the Hampton Roads! With the longer, sunshine-filled days ahead, what better way to set yourself up for a fresh start this season than by giving your home a proper Spring cleaning?

Below are 5 great ways we at Lavender Maid can help prepare your home for those warmer and more active days ahead, so you can enjoy the Spring stress-free. Interested in learning more about our available home cleaning services?

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1. Less is More in your Norfolk Home

There’s a reason more minimalist living has gained such traction. The less stuff that we own, the less spaces in our home that are filled with clutter. By choosing to live with less excess, you’re opting for an easier home to clean and a more peaceful and stress-free space.

Not sure how to achieve a more minimalistic home? We at Lavender Maid are here to help you purge, organize, and revamp!

2. Purge & Donate

Purging is one of the hallmarks of a good Spring cleaning! Over the winter season, we tend to hoard more things inside our homes because we’re simply spending more time in them! Lavender Maid can help you understand how to scale down your home’s things so that its full with only the things you need and the things that bring you the most joy.

The other positive, is that the excess doesn’t have to go to waste. Give it a new life by donating it to a local shelter or donation spot such as the Salvation Army, so that it can be put to good use and serve others, instead of just piling up in a landfill.

3. Take Inventory:

We all have closets, storage space, or even entire rooms within our homes that we don’t frequent often and that we don’t truly know just what they hold. Sometimes, it’s easier to place things we’re unsure of keeping in an unused or unseen space, but the saying is true: out of sight, out of mind.

This Spring, take inventory of what you own! Go through the attic space, take a look inside those closets, and gain an understanding of what you truly own. Most likely, you’ll find treasures you didn’t even remember! It’ll also prevent you from future purchases of things you already have or don’t need, which makes keeping your home clean and organized that much easier.

4. Wide Open Windows

All winter long, we’ve been forced to keep our windows shut. But with Spring emerging, it’s time to bust them open, and tackle the dust and dirt that might be trapped inside. This is a small but effective way to prepare your home for the next season, so you can invite that fresh and warm Springtime air in!

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024

5. Dust and Deep Clean

Let Lavender Maid dust off those cobwebs hiding in your home’s corners and help tackle the more deep-cleaning projects like washing your baseboards, walls, or crown molding. Let these design details in your home shine like new with a quick refresh for the Spring. Reach out today to let us help you with your next clean!