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3 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Monthly House Cleaner after School Starts

Aug 19, 2022

3 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Monthly House Cleaner after School Starts

It’s Back-to-School season in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, and with that comes a busier schedule for family households! As a mother myself, Lavender Maid understands the stress that keeping a clean and organized home can be when you already feel overwhelmed by the countless daily tasks that the school year brings.

Because of this first-hand understanding, I also know the relief that hiring a monthly cleaning can provide, and the increased amount of free time it allows, enabling you to focus better on your child’s needs during the school year.

Below are three reasons why you should consider hiring Lavender Maid for a monthly cleaning of your Hampton Roads, Virginia, home.

1. Mark off an Item on the Never-Ending To-Do List of Tasks

As the keepers of our homes, it seems there is a never-ending to-do list of tasks to meet the needs of our family. From getting the children ready for school each morning, to packing lunches, cooking dinner, running errands, carpooling to soccer practice, helping with homework and so much more, cleaning your home tends to fall to the wayside.

Finding the time to make house cleaning a priority seems impossible to come by, and the looming task can create stress and negative feelings toward your home space. We truly care about helping make your daily life more seamless and stress-free, and by hiring us for a monthly cleaning, you can bring the kids home from their school day and not worry about dirt-covered baseboards or desperate-for-a-mop flooring. We’ve got it covered.

Cleaner to help you complete your to do list

2. Enjoy Your Family-Time and Your Home

Aside from the relief of handling one less task during the school year, the most valuable feature of hiring Lavender Maid for a monthly cleaning is that it frees up your time so that not only can you enjoy a clean, inviting and welcoming home, but you can do it alongside your family.

Time is something we never have enough of, and its fleeting. Each school year, we see our children grow taller and older before our very eyes, and Lavender Maid understands the importance of not missing out on these special moments in their lives. Hiring us means time to spend with your family, soaking up all the special moments that the school year brings, which is truly irreplaceable.

house Cleaner for more family time

3. Modeling Important Behavior for Children with a Monthly House Cleaner

We often times find ourselves feeling as if we have to present ourselves as superheroes for our children. That we can handle any and all tasks thrown our way. In reality, our children are much more in tune with when we feel stressed or at our limit. By asking for help and hiring our services to complete your home cleaning, you’re allowing your children to recognize that even adults need to ask for support, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It models prioritizing mental health for your children and allows your children to understand there are options available when they feel overwhelmed or trapped by the tasks on their plate.

Where we sometimes criticize ourselves for not being able to accomplish absolutely everything, we’re in fact teaching our children important life skills regarding priorities, time management and more. Hiring Lavender Maid to take care of your home with a monthly cleaning is not a failure, but a win in parenting! The healthier you feel mentally in tackling the demands of daily life, the better the school year will go for the whole family.

Trusting an individual to come into your home is no small feat, but we at Lavender Maid are the right choice for the job! We approach cleaning with a sense of understanding and a level of care unmatched by our competitors in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area. Contact us today to start the school year on a high note, and learn more about our available services by calling us at 757-239-6852. You can also find
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